Payment FAQ IRIS

How can I make payment online?
  • Navigate to the yellow ribbon/navigation bar
  • Select “My Tax”
  • Select “Make a payment”
  • Select “Pay now”
  • Select “Revenue Type”
  • Select “Year”
  • Choose desired period of that basis year
  • Complete Payment Summary
  • Select “Continue”
  • Copy “Reference Number”
  • Select choice of bank on the side
  • Paste Reference Number

Kindly note that whatever is done via IRIS Belize Online will be reflected in RMS Backend.

What do I do if I make payment to the wrong Tax Type?

You will need to contact or visit the office.

Can I make payment in advance?

Yes, you can make payment of the upcoming period.

How long after payment has been made will it reflect in my account?

Payments can be reflected in the account immediately (real-time).

What happens if I file the wrong amount or paid the wrong taxes?

Kindly contact the department to rectify the issue.