File Income Tax

File Your Personal Income Tax Form

The Employee Income Tax is a tax that must be filled by all persons receiving an income.

Below is information related to earning brackets:

  • Persons earning below $26,000 personal relief is $25,600
  • Persons earning between $26,000.01 and $27,000 personal relief is $24,600
  • Persons earning between $27,000.01 and $29,000 personal relief is $22,600
  • Persons earning $29,000.01 and over, personal relief is $19,600


The rate for Employee Income Tax is 25% of the Chargeable Income.


An employee must retrieve the TD4 slip from the employer/employers worked for during the reported period.


Be sure to sign the BTS203 form before submitting to the BTS Office.

A copy of your Social Security Card must be attached

A vendor form must be filled out with current banking information once a refund is due. (*Note that the Bank Account must be in the applicant’s name).

If applying for Charitable Donations/Relief, original receipts or a letter from the Institution must be attached (the letter must be on the company’s letter head and stamped with the company stamp). The minimum amount one can claim is two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00)and the maximum is one-sixth (1/6) of your chargeable income.

If applying for Contribution to Education/Education Relief, receipt or a letter from the school with the child’s name, taxpayer name and the amount donated must be attached (the letter must be on the school letterhead and stamped with the school stamp). One can only claim four hundred dollars ($400.00) per child and not more than four (4) children. If your contribution exceeds your allowable claim ($1600.00) the difference can be carried forward to the next year. In order to claim for a child: (i) the child must not be yours and (ii) the child cannot be living with you.

Under Charitable Relief one can claim for Cultural, Religious Activities, Charitable Institutions or for the improvement of facilities in towns and villages in Belize and Education.

***If applying for a refund for the first time, a copy of a valid Social Security Card is required along with the Vendor Form.


For more information on filling out the Employee Income Tax Form see Guide to the Completion of Employee Income Tax Form

Special Condition

For this State of Emergency, Employee Income Tax Forms and documents can be emailed to the for filing.